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Why Do Fake Reviews Appear on Trustpilot in the First Place?

Unfortunately, the Trustpilot review posting policy is where the issue begins. "Reviews are published promptly and without moderation on Trustpilot. Because they are user-generated, the review's author has the right to amend or remove it whenever they want.

To put it another way, Trustpilot appears to employ a hands-off strategy for review screening. Users can "instantly" upload whatever they want without any opposition thanks to this.
While this can benefit consumers greatly, it could have disastrous effects on your company. It would seem that fraudulent and detrimental reviews might enter at any time with very little front-end analysis. And when they do, such remarks can in a matter of seconds turn into a very real threat to your brand.

Fair enough, Trustpilot also boasts about working "round the clock" to find and delete fraudulent ratings from the website. This includes fraud detection software and a group of specialists tasked with "safeguarding the platform," claims Trustpilot. Fake reviews continue to slip through the cracks and bother business owners, despite the fact that Trustpilot claims it "automatically recognizes suspicious reviews."

On Trustpilot, is it possible to delete fake reviews?

The good news is that Trustpilot allows you to report negative or false ratings that violate the site's criteria. This procedure is simple to implement and gives at least one method for dealing with negative comments.

What's the bad news? While reporting a bogus review is simple, it does not guarantee that Trustpilot will delete it. This is true even when there are egregious violations of Trustpilot criteria, leaving many business owners seeking for alternatives.

Worse, if Trustpilot finds your review reports "invalid," it may actually penalize your company! This may make it difficult to report bad and fraudulent reviews in the future, and it may potentially lower your Trustpilot rating!

Removing Trustpilot reviews takes far too long. Isn't there a faster way?

Trying to remove fraudulent reviews from Trustpilot can be a time-consuming and frustrating task.

Not only that, but everything from reporting negative reviews to hiding search results diverts time and money away from what matters most: running your business.

Worse, there's no guarantee that your efforts will sway those ratings. In fact, there's a high chance that negative evaluations will remain after all is said and done.

How can Reputazi help?

Nothing beats the strength or review-busting potential of expert review management when it comes to stopping poor Trustpilot reviews in their tracks.

With the appropriate review management strategy on your side, you have the resources, technology, and support to quickly remove fraudulent Trustpilot reviews and fix Google results pages - all while focusing on what really matters: delighting your customers.

A professional, rigorous review management strategy enables you to manage and reduce negative Trustpilot reviews from all angles.

Reputazi Solution

Over 10.000 Reviews have been removed from the internet by our team at Reputazi.

As the industry pioneers, we offer a specialized service in which we lodge and manage applications for the removal of content from offending search engines and platforms.

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Reputation is built through reviews.

A good reputation attracts more clients. Aside from increasing your review count, Reputazi allows you to see exactly where you stand with your target market. Given that 93% of local shoppers read internet evaluations to evaluate if a local business is good or bad, accumulating favorable ratings is critical. Consumers frequently wait until they have an extreme or uncommon experience before submitting a review.

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