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What Effects Can Negative Online News Have on Your Personal Reputation?

With the internet's pervasiveness, particularly social media, no one is immune to the harmful consequences of a terrible online news item. Even the typical person's reputation or livelihood might be harmed by a nasty web news item.

Negative online news items can have an impact on you personally, professionally, and professionally. Customers, employers, and even dates may see both positive and bad information about you.

When a bad news piece is published on the internet, it can rise to the top of search results and become a permanent fixture on the first page. This is especially true if the story is noteworthy or popular.

How to Monitor Online News Articles About Your Company

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," as the proverb goes. Monitoring what is said about your company online is the most efficient strategy to shield it from unfavorable publicity.

There are various methods for keeping an eye on your internet reputation and taking action if something unfavorable is revealed. Some of these choices are simpler (and less expensive) than others.

Is it worth the extra money to pay for better monitoring and protection? Only you can make that decision. The section that follows provides an overview of prominent technologies that might assist organizations in monitoring their online presence.

Why is it necessary to remove news articles from the internet?

You may want to remove a news story off the internet if you believe it is libelous, out of date, or has a negative influence on your life for any other reason. Individuals who have been arrested by police or who have had their image and name publicized as wanted prior to their arrest are frequently eager to have news articles about those events removed from the internet.

Those who have faced a trial and have been found guilty or not guilty will frequently want facts about this very painful moment in their lives erased from news publications or not found by anyone who search their name on Google or other search engines. Certainty, if you were found not guilty, a victim in a trial, or only a witness, you will most likely wish to remove news items from the internet if those news pieces can identify you.

Reputazi Solution

Over 2500 News Articles have been removed from the internet by our team at Reputazi.

As the industry pioneers, we offer a specialized service in which we lodge and manage applications for the removal of content from offending search engines and platforms.

We have yet to encounter an issue for which we do not believe our answer is applicable.

Defamatory News Articles

Forum Posts

Defamatory websites

Suppressing google search results for negative articles (in case the removal is not possible)

The reality is that most news publications will not remove, de-index, or redact your name from negative news pieces, forcing you to seek an alternative solution. The next best option for repairing the harm done by a negative news story is to suppress it farther down in Google search results (page 2+), where it is unlikely to be noticed.

This is known as "search engine suppression," and it entails constructing a network of new positive web pages to push down the unfavorable content. The time it takes to suppress a bad news article on Google's page 2+ varies substantially and is dependent on numerous factors. Suppression, in most situations, not only works to remove the unfavorable article from the first page of search results, but it also helps to improve your personal brand and/or promote your business in a positive manner.

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