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Can I delete a negative Google review?

Yes, you can get rid of Google reviews. If you believe the review is false or even libelous, you can take steps to have it removed.

You can't simply say "Google delete" and hope that one of your electronic devices reacts, but you can dispute a Google review.

How Google's review removal policy works

Google's review policy standards are quite clear and simple to follow; if you're seeking to remove unfavorable content, pay close attention to this list to learn what Google considers an incorrect review. It's usually your best bet to get Google reviews removed.

How to Request the Removal of a Negative Review

Google's review policy specifies how to review on Google; it indicates that any review that is false, libelous, or improper will be removed.

If you want to know how to report a fraudulent Google review, the simplest approach to have a negative review removed is to log in to your Google My Business account and pick your location. In any case, Reputazi can immediately erase reviews due to our experience.

Reputazi Solution

Over 10.000 Reviews have been removed from the internet by our team at Reputazi.

As the industry pioneers, we offer a specialized service in which we lodge and manage applications for the removal of content from offending search engines and platforms.

We have yet to encounter an issue for which we do not believe our answer is applicable.


Google Reviews


Why are Google reviews important?

Online reviews have replaced word-of-mouth. When a negative review of your company appears on Google My Business, it might send you into a tailspin. More than 88% of internet customers rely on reviews to help them make purchasing decisions. It's not surprising that a large portion of those are Google reviews.

When a frustrated consumer leaves a negative review on Google, it puts your reputation at danger. There's a chance these negative reviews are forgeries. With digital sabotage becoming more frequent in business, it might be the work of a cutthroat competitor. Perhaps it's a troll! Bad Google reviews, regardless of the source, are a major disadvantage.

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