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How to remove OnlyFans stolen content from internet.

While locating stolen information and having it deleted can be challenging, there are a few things you can do to keep safe on OnlyFans.

1. Contact OnlyFans for DMCA Assistance.

If your OnlyFans content is taken, please alert their DMCA team as soon as possible. The platform's Terms of Service prohibit redistribution content, and they will assist you in recovering your pirated content.

You can contact the team at [email protected] for assistance in taking legal action against platforms that are illegally showing your photographs and videos.

There are other companies that will frequently search other websites for your photographs and movies. You can use one of these to assist you in tracking down stolen content so that you can file DMCA claims as soon as possible before the photos proliferate further. Many of these businesses will also handle takedown notices for you.

2. Install a Subscription Trap

If your content is frequently stolen and redistributed elsewhere, you should try to figure out who is stealing it so you can block them from your channel. Here's how you can find out who is stealing your content:

Step 1

Make a few photos that you may DM to your subscribers as a free present. Maintain a record of which accounts received which photographs.

Step 2

Wait until the content is unlawfully uploaded before looking to determine which accounts received that image.

Step 3

Repeat the process until you find the pirate and narrow down the suspect list even further.

Step 4

OnlyFans should ban the account and report it to the site.

3. Safeguard Your OnlyFans Content

You may do a few things to protect your OnlyFans content before it gets stolen and uploaded elsewhere online. While some of solutions may be costly, they may spare you the hassle of removing information from other sites or revenue lost due to potential subscribers unlawfully accessing your content.

Here are three options for you:


OnlyFans allows you to automate a watermark, but there are currently ways for your subscribers to readily remove it. Instead, take the time to develop or commission your own and place it in a difficult-to-remove location on the photo.

While a watermark does not prevent individuals from sharing your work, it makes it more difficult for them to upload it as their own and gives you credit for your effort. When they do utilize it on websites, you will be able to make a claim more easily because your watermark is on the image or video.


When you trademark your watermark, logo, or username, it is much easier to get stolen content removed from other image and video sites. While it will initially cost money to have it branded with the US Patent and Trademark office, the long-term benefits will be enormous as it will save you time and money. It is easier to combat piracy using trademarked content than it is to act just through DMCA channels.

When registering your trademark, get professional assistance. The process might be complicated, and you don't want to have to pay filing fees multiple times before you receive the results you require.


You can copyright it rapidly when compared to the time it takes to develop material. When you copyright your content properly, pirates will notice that you are serious about safeguarding your work and will hunt for someone else to steal content from.

Understand that some of your subs will share your images and photos to their friends and other forums, just as they will steal stuff from other sites. There is no way to 100% recover it once it has been shared because individuals can download it to their hardware and save it, but there are ways to prevent it from being shared on larger platforms. Take precautions to keep yourself and your content safe on OnlyFans.


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